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SamMeet Sam

Sam is 75 years old and has lived at Home #1 (the Kiewit Home) for more than 20 years.  Although he shares the home with three other individuals, he enjoys the privacy of his own bedroom.

After a long career as a car washer attendant at Marhofer Chevrolet, Sam retired. He still considers himself an excellent car washer and volunteers his time for driving friends. He now chooses to attend the Hope Center Day Program five days per week so that he can remain active and participate in all the activities offered by the day center.  He helps the other residents with their lunch and break time food orders. He likes to cook oatmeal and fish and prepares the salads. Sam is an avid pool player and will take on all comers.

Sam’s family lives in California.  He has a guardian and an advocate here in Summit County to assist him with his legal and health issues when necessary. Sam states he loves living at the Kiewit home and does not want to ever leave!

The Kiewit home was the one of the first homes developed by Hope Homes. It was built in 1978 and sold to Hope Homes in 1998 from Howard Fredrick and the Oesch Family for $39,500. It was named after the Rev. Paul Kiewit, one of the founders of the organization.

Sam now serves on the Board of Directors of the Hope Homes Foundation so that he can advise us on the needs of those we serve.

Sam (left) boogies with maintenance manager
Bill Salem at a recent picnic hosted for the REM
Day Program by the Hope Homes Foundation;
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Welcome home Anthony and Linda!

We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with Res Care and Stark DD, and that two of our properties will become homes to four women and four men with developmental disabilities.

Paul Herrera, CEO of HHF Inc.; Tim Yakim, executive director of Res Care; and Amanda Donnelly, SSA of the Stark DD worked together to make this happen.  Paul notified William Green, superintendent of the Stark DD, that these homes were available, and within a week Amanda visited the homes and located a provider of service, Res Care, who was looking for homes.  Once all agreed that these homes would be a good match for the individuals in Stark DD's ICFMR, tours were arranged with the individuals, their families and guardians.  The consensus was that these homes would more than adequately meet the needs and lifestyles of the individuals once three master baths were remodeled to “walk in showers” to provide accessibility for wheelchairs. For pictures of the homes ready for their new residents, visit our Facebook album.

manAnthony is one of the men moving there.  Anthony is a person who has lived in various nursing and intermediate care facilities since the age of 5.  He lived at Warrensville Developmental Center for 28 years before going to ResCare’s ICF in 2009.  Anthony has not had any contact with any family since he was 4 years old, but considers some of the staff who work with him family.  Some of these staff will be following him to the new home, where he will receive services through his IO waiver.  Anthony uses a larger sized wheelchair, and needs a lot of space to accommodate.  His new home is great for him because most homes do not have doorways or hallways wide enough to accommodate his wheelchair.  Being in this home with 3 other guys rather than 7 will be of great benefit to Anthony because it means he will get more one-on-one attention, will be able to go out more, and will have less “chaos” in his home.  He is a person who appreciates a more calm and quiet environment.  Anthony works at ResCare’s Cornerstone day program, and has chosen to continue to do so once he moves.  He likes to be around his friends and familiar faces at that site.

womanLinda has lived in various nursing and intermediate care facilities since her mom passed away in 2006.  She is a very kind and sociable woman.  She really appreciates being able to connect with others around her, and loves to be kept in the loop about everything that is going on.  Moving to a home with 3 other people instead of 7 other people will be of huge benefit to her.  She thrives on social interactions, and will have an easier time with that in a smaller setting.  Linda has already set some goals for when she moves to the new home, where she can get more 1:1 support and attention from staff.  She would like to learn to cook on the stove and with the microwave, she wants to plant flowers, and she would like to work on vocational skills to try to one day get a job in the community.  Currently Linda works at ResCare’s day program, but wants to keep her options open once she moves and enrolls on the waiver.

This has been a win- win for everyone involved and meets the continued mission of HHF Inc. ... to provide affordable and accessible homes to individuals with developmentally disabilities. If would like to help us in this mission, please contact me at pherrera@hopehomes.org or by calling the office at 330-686-5342.

Thank you.

Paul Herrera



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