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About Residential Services

ResidentHomes offers a variety of Residential Services in group home settings or other independent settings throughout Summit, Greene, Wayne, and Warren counties.

Individuals we serve can feel independent in their own home with assistance to fulfill their daily needs. Family and friends can visit their loved ones at anytime and are encouraged to do so. Individuals can go home for an over night stay and also participate in vacations with family.

Our homes are a family-style environment. They are nicely decorated, and each individual's personal bedroom is decorated with their own interest and tastes. The housemates typically eat meals together and spend time doing activities in the evenings.

Hope Homes continues to make adaptation to the homes to meet the needs of the individuals. Each home has its own vehicle that is used for medical appointments, shopping and activities in the community. Hope Homes provides group activities as well as one-on-one activities.

Services generally focus on teaching and promoting personal choice, and provision of needed supports in areas such as benefit maintenance, budgeting, supervision, health and safety, personal care, shopping, meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, activities, socialization, and recreation. Services can be provided on a 24-hour per day, 7 day per week basis or on a more limited or independent basis.

The Admissions Process for Residential Services

Step 1: Complete our admissions packet.

The admissions packet provides us with the information we need to meet your unique needs. You will probably need to fill this out with a family member or with your SSA. The completed application can be turned in to your case manager, who will in turn contact Hope Homes.

click here to open the complete admissions packet

Step 2: Secure funding.

If you already have a waiver (which determines the level of services and staffing you are eligible to receive), ask your SSA submit the Admissions packet. We will review your packet and then contact your SSA to make recommendations. Our individual-oriented plan ensures that the services you receive truly benefit the client.

If you are not currently receiving homemaker or personal care on an IO (individual options waiver), contact your SSA to apply for an IO, which may involve being placed on a waiting list. There are cases where a situation can be declared an emergency - see your SSA for qualification.

An additional note about waiting lists: reviewing your plans for the future with your SSA is a valuable step. Your SSA may recommend that you be placed on the waiting list, so if your need increases, you will already be 'in line' for services. Your SSA will also advise you about funding if this is your first time applying for services.

Step 3: Schedule a visit.

Hope Homes will review your completed admissions packet to ensure that Hope Homes is a good fit for you. If you are accepted as an Applicant, we will contact you to schedule a visit to introduce the you to the staff and the housemates where you will be living.

Family members and existing caregivers are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend as well. This makes the transition process comfortable for everyone involved. If you are interested in a particular home, we schedule a dinner so that you can interact with your potential housemates. If additional visits are desired, a 'sleepover' or weekend visit can also be arranged. We do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable.

Step 4: Begin the intake process.

If we are chosen to be your home, we will schedule an intake meeting with you, your SSA, and our staff (including one of our nurses, the service supervisor of the home, and service director). If anything was missing from your admissions packet, it is important that you bring it to this meeting.

Together, we will identify the specifics of the care required (referred to as an ISP, Individual Service Plan). Funding will need to be secured, as it will be part of the intake meeting's agenda. Your costs of room and board (rent, utilities, groceries, etc.) will also be reviewed at this meeting. A moving-in schedule is also decided at this meeting.

Step 5: Move in to your new home.

On the day you are scheduled to move in, please bring the following:

    • All Insurance Cards
    • Social Security Card
    • Birth Certificate with seal
    • ID card
    • A List of All Medications (if applicable)
    • Cash on Hand (if applicable)

click here to print the complete move-in checklist


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