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Hope Homes, Inc., and Affiliates is a private, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to develop and provide community-based group homes, supported living, transportation, and day programs for persons with developmental disabilities and other special needs.

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We are advocates for inclusive and self determined ways of living, and we encourage and align with programs whose primary purpose is to provide care, housing, assistance and encouragement for people.

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50 years ago, “Aunt Margaret” Liephart gave Rev. Paul Kiewit a $5.00 bill. “We need to do something in Ohio to help families with loved ones like my Bobby. Here’s five dollars to get it started.”

learn about us50 years later, Hope Homes serves adults with developmental disabilities and special needs in more than 25 homes throughout Ohio. By partnering with local advocacy groups, government agencies, and churches, it operates high-quality programs that promote the participation of people with disabilities in the life of their communities.

Our plan for the future directs Hope Homes Foundation to provide creative vision, leadership, and to continue to participate in cooperative relationships that are helpful to individuals, communities and the entire Hope Homes Family.

We are grateful to everyone who has served and supported Hope Homes. We believe that the future will provide continued opportunity to serve in partnerships with our communities, government, and churches. We will continue to strive to work serve in ways in which we benefit our communities most effectively. With your help we will continue to faithfully walk into renewed ways of expressing our mission.

On the 50th anniversary of Aunt Margaret’s gift, we are asking you to give generously and to challenge your family, friends, and co-workers to do the same. Remember: it all started with $5.00.

Our mission is not finished. There is so much more we can do to improve the lives of adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs. Please click here for a list of ways you can help. Through your generosity, together we can get it done!

Paul Herrera
CEO, Hope Homes, Inc.

P.S. To learn the full story of how Rev. Kiewit met Aunt Margaret's challenge, click here.


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