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A Message from the Executive Director, Paul Herrera

Hope Home Foundation Inc. (HHF) was established in 1971 as a private, not for profit,  501 (c) 3 organization.  The Board of Directors and myself are proud to state that it continues to be a viable and solvent company within the Developmental Disability and Special Needs community in Summit, Wayne, Warren and Stark counties in Ohio.  HHF has acquired and rehabilitated more than 20 properties to date and has served more than 200 special needs adults, the overwhelming majority of whom make less that the national poverty level.

The mission of HHF is to provide safe, affordable and accessible housing to individuals with DD and other special needs. It has a long and proud history, and I believe that it is important for you to know its legacy and recognize the impact that the staff, families, and Hope Homes residents have had in their 50 plus years of service to the DD community.

  • Hope Homes was founded in 1966 by the United Church of Christ, Ohio Conference, and the Presbyterian Church (USA) when a widowed parent of an adult with developmental disabilities, Aunt Martha, spoke with her pastor and asked “what will happen to my son when I am no longer around to take care of him?”  At that point in time Hope Homes was born.
  • Hope Homes is incorporated as a private, non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop and provide housing, residential services, supported living services and day services for persons with developmental disabilities and other special needs.
  • Today, Hope Homes serve 50 individuals with developmental disabilities in its residential services and 24 individuals DD in its day services.  There are 18 residential homes in Summit, Stark, Wayne and Warren Counties in Ohio and a Day Service Center in Stow, Ohio, which also houses the administrative offices.
  • Hope Homes is incorporated into two separate organizations:  Hope Homes Inc., the provider of services, and Hope Homes Foundation, the owner of the homes and day center. 

A Letter from
Rev. Paul Kiewit


Stow Sentry: Hope Homes Focusing on Housing

I’m sure you are aware that DD providers across the state and country are struggling to provide quality care under tightening financial constraints and issues relating to meeting stricter State requirements, and Hope Hopes, Inc., was no exception. To be blunt, Hope Homes had significant issues leading to a suspension with proposed revocation, and although we worked diligently to correct these issues, we were unable to do so within the time or resources allotted. Per the rules and regulations of the State of Ohio ODODD, it was determined the Hope Homes Foundation cannot be the owner and provider of services to individuals in Medicaid waiver-funded services, under one board, and must separate itself from Hope Homes, Inc. 

In June of 2017, Hope Homes, Inc., a subsidiary of Hope Homes Foundation, closed its door as a provider of services to individuals with DD.  This was a difficult but necessary decision in light of financial concerns and issues related to meeting State requirements. The Hope Homes Foundation would continue as the owner and maintainer of the facilities, but the services to the clients would be provided by another entity.

Before closing Hope Homes, Inc., I had three major goals:

    • Assure that the residents were not uprooted from their homes and remained with a competent and quality provider of services without disruption to their daily lives. 
    • Assure that the staff of Hope Homes Inc were merged with the new provider and hired in their present jobs with comparable salaries and benefits. 
    • Continue the legacy of Hope Homes, which was founded in 1966 whose purpose is to develop and provide quality housing for persons with developmental disabilities and other special needs.

On June 16, 2017, these goals were achieved when REM, a mentor Network provider of services to the DD community, successfully merged and acquired Hope Homes, Inc.  REM has assumed full service operation of the residential and day services.  Hope Homes Inc. transitioned all direct care staff from its payroll to REM’s payroll, either at the same rate of pay or higher and with benefits.  In addition, the Hope Homes Foundation has entered into lease agreements with REM for the use of its 14 homes and Day Services space at the Hope Homes Center on Call Road.  Specifically, Hope Homes Foundation is the landlord and REM is the tenant for the Care Center and all residential properties and is responsible for the upkeep for all the facilities.

Moving forward, the Hope Homes Foundation will expand its role in the community as a housing cooperation serving the DD and special needs population in need of accessible and affordable housing.  Our Board of Directors remains committed to the original mission and will work side by side with governmental entities, faith-based communities, and families and individuals to develop housing that improves the lives of those served.

If you have any questions or would like to help us in this mission, please contact me at pherrera@hopehomes.org or by calling the office at 330-686-5342.

Thank you.

Paul Herrera


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